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UL, FCC certification services by gptek

UL, FCC certification services by gptek

GPTEK provide you with the North American UL, FCC certification services

1 UL certification is not mandatory, but the value at the consumer products brand certification

Authoritative bodies corresponding ETL, lower costs, but recognition was not so satisfactory! ,

UL is the uniform price quote now, We can provide pre-test of UL certification, and can help you to save the cost of certification and rectification.

2 FCC certification is mandatory, mandatory products are as follows:

Federal Communications Commission FCC, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, provides IT products, industrial, scientific and medical equipment, home appliances, communications products and the limits of electromagnetic interference measurements.

According to the relevant parts of the Federal Communications laws and regulations CFR 47 part the provisions, FCC is the Federal law of imports of electronic products must pass the relevant certification of EMC. The following are commonly used in the corresponding FCC standards applicable products:

FCC PART 15: ITE products computers and peripherals, network equipment, such as information technology equipment, TV, radio, VCD / DVD, game consoles, such as audio and video equipment, industrial carrier equipment, communication equipment and so on.

FCC PART 68: mobile telephones, fax machines, MODEM, etc..

FCC PART 18: industrial, medical equipment and scientific equipment ISM, including microwave ovens, lamps, medical and health care equipment

FCC PART 22: public mobile devices such as wireless base stations, cellular mobile phones, etc.

FCC PART 90: Private land mobile radio equipment, such as land mobile units, such as a relay station

The use of the environment in accordance with product certification to be divided into different CLASS A and CLASS B requirements.

Used at home or office environment, products must meet the requirements of CLASS B limits.

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