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UL 1598 Factory-examining preferential in 2015

UL 1598 Factory-examining preferential in 2015

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  • 2014-12-24
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During the past few years we hope you have recognized a positive change at UL in regards to your customer experience.  In our industry Follow-up Inspection is one of the areas where we have concentrated much of our effort in order to be a more flexible, transparent and customer oriented partner.  As such, we have redesigned the Follow-up Inspection frequency for the UL1598 product certification, providing an easy understanding of the process and the relative costs.
The new frequency is a two tier system based on yearly anticipated production:
≤12,000 units/year will have four inspections per year.
>12,000 units/year will have twelve inspections per year.

There will no longer be a scaled frequency based on units produced per month, which created frequencies varying between four and twelve.  The option of on-call is still available when manufacturers are not producing UL products for six months.

UL's Holographic labels have proven to be a successful deterrent to counterfeiting.  UL's anti-counterfeiting operations have benefitted not only UL lighting manufacturers, but the entire global lighting supply chain as well. For this reason, UL will continue to require and charge for the manufacturing costs associated with holographic labels.

UL's follow-up service program provides assurance that the value and integrity of the UL mark is maintained and enhanced. The program includes periodic visits to factories to make sure there is proper control of the UL Mark, anti-counterfeiting activities, investigation of safety incidents related to the UL Mark, and many other services which UL provides to ensure that the UL mark applied to a product has the highest degree of value and integrity.
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