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CCC China Compulsory Certification by GPEK agency

CCC China Compulsory Certification by GPEK agency

BOTEK can as a CCC certificate agency for you, and make your product have no difficult to enter Chinese Market。

CCC China Compulsory Certification

According to current legal requirements, ALL products listed in the catalogue of CNCA are requested to obtain the certificate for compulsory product certification before import into China. The CCC certificate is the necessary qualification for overseas manufacturers exporting products into Chinese market.

As one of the first authorized and qualified agents for China CCC approval, a long-standing partnership with CQC can enable manufactures of outside in gaining China’s CCC mark.

Our services include:

  1. Provide all necessary information for CCC approval
  2. Determinate the necessity of CCC approval for clients
  3. Apply CCC approval for clients
  4. Apply exemption approval of CCC for clients
  5. Coordinate the connection between CQC and testing labs, follow and accelerate the approval process
  6. Help clients resolve some problems during CCC approval
  7. Cooridate the initial factory inspection
  8. Help clients approval of clients’ lables and order CCC mark stickers
  9. Provide assistance for customs clearance of test samples

*From consulting service before application to follow-up surveillance after issuing certification, what clients need can be completely and satisfactorily obtained at BOTEK.

Procedure for CCC approval
1 Application to GPTEK Testing Laboratories
2 Application to CQC from GPTEK
3 Acceptance of CQC Application
4 pretest the sample in GPTEK Laboratories
5 Sample Shipment to CQC appointed laboratory in China
6 Testing and preparing test reports by the laboratory
7 Review for required documents by CQC
8 Issue CCC certificate
9 Application for label approval
10 Issue CCC label certificate

* Please contact us for more details +86-755-6110 5989.

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