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CCC Exemption Approval

CCC Exemption Approval

  • 2006-10-20
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CCC Exemption Approval

At special circumstance, overseas products listed in the CNCA catalogue may be imported to China without the CCC certificate. In contrasting, a CCC exemption approval is requested instead.
According to the No. 3 Announcement by CNCA on Mar. 3rd, 2005, the range of products qualified for CCC Exemption Approval includes:

  1. products imported for the purposes of research and test
  2. parts/elements imported for the introduction of special production lines
  3. products imported only for end users' repair service
  4. essential equipments/parts imported to form a production line, excluding office equipments
  5. products imported only for commercial exhibits
  6. products imported temporarily and finally will be returned out of China, including the products for exhibitions
  7. product parts imported only for the purpose to exporting products

    What GPTEK can offer our clients:

    1. All necessary information for the CCC exemption approval
    2. Advices on the possibility of exemption approval
    3. Appling CCC exemption approval for our clients
    4. Coordinating the connection between CNCA and clients, follow and accelerate the process

    * Please contact us for more details. skype id: liyun_01
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