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CQC cetificate rules 01 Accessories and materials for cables

CQC cetificate rules 01 Accessories and materials for cables




Name of Products

Certification Type

Category No.

Rule No.

Accessories and materials for cables Accessories for cables accessories for cables with rated voltages from 6 kV up to 35 kV Safety Certification 011011b CQC11-463712-2009
Electric Power Fitting Energy Conservation 701103 CQC31-463711-2009
Power cables power cables with extruded insulation for rated voltages up to including 35kV Safety Certification 011011a CQC11-463511-2009
accessories for overhead electrical stranded conductors Safety Certification 011022 CQC11-463513-2009
aerial insulated cables Safety Certification 011012
Accessories for communication cable accessories for communication cable Safety Certification 011021a-h CQC11-463431-2009
Special-purpose wire and cable flexible cables and cords for winding leads of electric motors Safety Certification 011007 CQC11-463421-2009
road vehicles-low voltage cables wires Safety Certification 011004 CQC11-463422-2009
mineral insulated cables Safety Certification 011003 CQC11-463423-2009
low-voltage wiring for automotive Safety Certification 013047  
General purpose wire and cable flame retardant and fire resistant wires and cables Safety Certification 011016a-g CQC11-463401-2009
wires and cables Safety Certification 026001
accessories for nylon jacketed wire and vables Safety Certification 011008 CQC11-463413-2009
Plastic insulated control cables Safety Certification 011014 CQC11-463411-2009
Insulated winding wire glass-fiber wound winding wires,Paper covered wires Safety Certification 011026
enamelled rectangular copper winding wires Safety Certification 011024 CQC11-463111-2009
enamelled round winding wire Safety Certification 011005 CQC11-463112-2009
Cable materials plastics for wire and cable Safety Certification 011017a-f CQC11-363231-2009


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