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German LFGB certification

In September 2005, the new German Food commodity and Feed Law Lebensmittel – Bedarfsgegenstandegesetz und Futtermittelegsetzbuch –LFGB replaced the old German Food & Commodities Act Lebensmittel und Bedarfsgegenstandegesetz–LMBG.

The LFGB is the most important basic legal document on the German food safety, and also is the core of other special Food Sanitation Laws, regulations.

However, in recent years it also has been amended to match European standards. This law specified general and basic regulations on Germany food safety. All food-related commodities and food which in the EU market must meet the requirements of § 30 and §31 of the LFGB.

1. The meaning of LFGB certification logo-knife and fork

The labeling on the below is a food safe logo. If it is displayed on any food-contact articles, it symbolizes the articles have met the German LFGB and European requirements, and they are able to be marketed at Europe.

Not only does the labeling raise the consumer confidence, it also increases the marketability of the products in European and German market as well.

2. Products under scope of LFGB

LFGB test involves almost all materials, including latest technology products, such as chrome plating of the barbecue, the temperature test of Teflon cooking pans, the silicone hermetic ring testing of water bottles etc. Usually related areas including: ceramics, synthetic plastic, PVC, paper products, leather, textiles, cosmetics, tobacco etc.

The related products including: toasters, sandwich stoves and other electrical products contacted with food, foodstuffs storage supplies strengthen glass boards, stainless steel pan, and other kitchen utensils bowl, knife and fork, spoon and other tableware clothing, bedding, towel, wigs, false eyelashes, hat, diapers and other hygiene supplies, sleeping bags, shoes, gloves, watchband, handbags, wallets / wallet, briefcase, chairs coating materials, textile or leather toys and toys with textiles or leather clothing various cosmetics, tobacco products etc.

3. The testing requirements of LFGB

Generally, LMBG § 30 & 31 contain the following testing clauses:

1.General manufacture and materials
2.Sensorial examination: the transfer of smell, taste from product to the food
3.Plastic - migration test & extractable heavy metal test
4.Metal - composition & extractable heavy metal test
5.Specific material-specific test to check the danger of chemical hazard according to German Chemicals Law.

4 The other testing items of LFGB:

1 Textiles, leather, polyester fiber and other daily necessities: Azo-dyes test.
2 Cosmetics: heavy metal test and hazardous chemical substances.
3 Tobacco: Harmful ingredients test

5. The process of LFGB certification

1 Consultation-applicant provide product information and samples
2 Quotation-according to th

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