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than 0.005 by mass.
2. May not be placed on the market in semi-finished products or articles, or parts thereof, if the concentration of PFOS is equal to or higher than 0.1 by mass calculated with reference to the mass of structurally or microstructurally distinct parts that contain PFOS or, for textiles or other coated materials, if the amount of PFOS is equal to or higher than 1 μg/m2 of the coated material.

PFOA-another concerning substance

Perfluorooctanoic acid PFOA and its salts are suspected to have a similar risk profile to PFOS, and consequently the European Parliament has restricted on marketing and use of PFOA and its salts. PFOA and products deriving from it apply to surface treatment of home appliances for example non-stick pan. and packing of convenient foodstuff etc.

There is a need to keep under review the ongoing risk assessment activities and the availability of safer alternatives and to define what kind of risk reduction measures.

It is concerned that PFOA is potential toxic, extensive incident and persistent to all ages.

According recordation, PFOA can result in hepatocellular adenomas and bladder cancer to animals, so it is listed in Proposition 65.

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