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Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs are ubiquitous environmental pollutants with carcinogenic and mutagenic activities. It is obligatory that consumer products which sold in German must be took test for PAHs content. So, the electrical and electronic equipments which want to export to German, would pass the professional test.

*what are PAHs
PAHs are formed by incomplete combustion of carbon-containing organic chemical compounds.

*where do PAHs occur in
PAHs occur in charcoal, dyes, petrochemicals, plastic materials, rubber, lubricating oil , insecticide, bactericide, and incomplete combustion organic chemical compounds and so on.

PAHs known for their carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic properties, can harm human’s procreation system, and result in lung cancer, arteriosclerosis and knub.

*Legal regulation
Each country has its legal regulations on PAHs, such as GS certification and LFGB in German, 76/769/EEC in EU, USEPA in USA, GB、GB/T、GHZ in China, etc.

*For GS testing item, the following components and materials need to be tested,
→ all materials which emitting strong rubber and naphthalene odor. Materials without this odor maybe contains low PAHs content
→ all soft polymer materials plastic and rubber materials ,and black or dark colored hard polymers switches、keyboards、bolts、handles etc
→ varnish and antiseptic materialsnaphthalene and methylic naphthalene
→ Inner materials without odor, and touched by implement can not be test for PAHs.

Background: GS certification in German

GS stands for "Gepruefte Sicherheit"tested safety and has been a leading certification scheme since its implementation in 1977. The GS mark is a voluntary mark based on German law, however, it is a well-known safety mark throughout Europe that is used by many as a reliable basis for CE marking. Research continually demonstrates that the GS mark is well respected by consumers and end users in the EU market, with the placing, or not, of a GS Mark on a product often a key factor when making purchasing decisions.

BOTEK is an approved testing organization with the third-party Laboratory according to ISO/IEC 17025. We promise to provide the best PAHs testing service for clients.

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