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Q&A for BSI certificate Kitemark

Q&A for BSI certificate Kitemark

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  • 2014-04-06
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1. What is the Kitemark?

The Kitemark is a product or service certification mark that shows it has been tested independently and audited to ensure it meets the appropriate standards of quality and safety. It is a registered trademark of BSI The British Standards Institution.

2. What does the Kitemark stand for?

The Kitemark stands for quality and safety. If a product or service carries a Kitemark you will know that it has been independently tested, audited on a regular basis and that it will perform to that consistent quality every time

3. Where will I see the Kitemark symbol?

The Kitemark can be seen on many different types of products. Take a look at the window in your train or car, on the fire extinguisher in your office or on the manhole cover in the street. Chances are you will see the Kitemark symbol there.

4. How do I know if a Kitemark is legitimate?

BSI regularly checks its Kitemark licence holders to ensure that they continue to meet the demands of the appropriate standard or specification.

Where a company or product does not come up to standard the Kitemark licence will be removed and their company details published on our outlaws page. We work closely with Trading Standards to ensure that they are kept up to date with such situations.

5. Why is the Kitemark better than other marks?

As with any successful brand there are always imitations and Kitemark is no exception. Some even claim to be "equivalent" to Kitemark. But, Kitemark is the one brand that people look for and trust - the one the means something.

Its strength is the backing of BSI - an independent organisation with UKAS accreditation. No other product or service certification mark means as much as a Kitemark in terms of consistent reliability of product quality.

6. How many Kitemark schemes and licensees are there?

Currently there are 100 schemes with over 1000 licensees. There are approximately 1000 products or services out there carrying the Kitemark.


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