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  • 2009-09-08
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GPTEK PEOVIDE SUCH FCC TESTING ITEMS according to FCC Rules, as follow

Part 15

Unintentional Radiators
Computers, Computer peripherals, Receivers, Telephones
Part 15 Intentional Radiators
Radio Controlled Devices, Cordless Telephones, Car Alarm Transmitters, Spread Spectrum Transmitters, 802.11 Devices, UNII, Walkie-Talkies, Wireless Video Devices, Wireless LAN''s. Measurement capability to 125GHZ
Part 18 Industrial, Scientific & Medical devices
Electronic ballast, Microwave Ovens
Part 22 Paging Equipment
Rural Radio
Part 24 Personal Communication Services
TIA,EIA,IS-968 Modems, Telephones, ICLID''s Alarm Dialers, Alarm Systems part 68, PBX''s
Part 74 Broadcast Radio, Aural Broadcast, STL''s, Low Power Auxiliary Transmitters, Wireless Microphones
Part 80 Marine Radios, Marine Radars
Part 87 Aeronautical Ground stations - Unicom''s -DME''s
Part 90 Business band Radios
Special Emergency Radios
Wireless Microphones
Remote Control Transmitters
Part 95 CB Radios, Family Radio Services FRS, General Mobile Radio Services GMRS, 218-219MHz Subpart F, Low Power Radio Services LPRS Subpart G, Wireless Medical Telemetry Service WMTS Subpart H, Medical Implant Communications MICS Subpart I , Multi-User Radio Service MURS Subpart J
Part 97 Amateur Radio, Amplifiers
Part 101 Fixed Microwave Services
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