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Kenya PVoC Certificate KEBS

Kenya PVoC Certificate KEBS


The Kenyan Bureau of Standards KEBS, a statutory organization of the government of Kenya, is responsible for the adoption and application of Standards for both imported and domestically manufactured products in the Kenyan market.

With effect from 29th September 2005, KEBS, through a Legal Notice No. 78 of 15th July, 2005, implemented the Pre-Export Verification of Conformity PVoC to Standards Programme.

This is a conformity assessment and verification procedure applied to specific Goods/ Products at the respective exporting countries, to ensure their compliance with the applicable Kenyan Technical Regulations and Mandatory Standards or approved equivalents.

The primary objective of applying Pre- Export Verification of Conformity PVoC program is to ensure quality of products, health and safety, and environmental protection for Kenyans and this is reflected in the product coverage scope.

All products subject to PVoC must be certified and issued with a Certificate of Conformity CoC prior to shipment by authorized PVoC Agents. The CoC is a Customs Clearance document in Kenya. Where products are found not to conform to the requirements of the relevant standards during certification process by authorized PVoC Agent, a Non Conformity Report NCR shall be issued to the exporter. Such goods are not allowed for importation into Kenya.

However, products subject to PVoC arriving at the Kenyan ports of entry without a CoC shall be subject to destination inspection at a penalty of 15 of the CIF value of goods as spelt out in the Legal Notice No. 78. The importers of such goods shall also be required to ute a bond equivalent to 15 CIF value of the goods and shall meet the testing and inspection charges levied by KEBS.


The PVoC program is based on Article 5 of Technical Barriers to Trade TBT/WTO, which requires that technical requirements i.e. Standards applied to foreign products must also be applied to domestically manufactured products. Over 2500 domestic companies are already subjected to Kenya standards, through our Quality assurance Service and therefore PVoC shall offer equal and national treatment to imported products.


The key elements undertaken in PVoC certification process by PVoC Agents are as follows:

.Physical inspection of products against the relevant standards prior to shipment,

.Product sampling and testing in ISO/ IEC 17025 accredited laboratories or other KEBS approved laboratories,

.Quality Audit of production processes for licensing of products Route C,

.Documentary review of relevant quality documents/ records,

.Issuance of Certificate of Conformity CoC or Non Conformity Report NCR as appropriateand transmission of the same to exporter/ importer.

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