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CB Scheme (IECEE)

CB Scheme (IECEE)

  • IEC
  • 2007-06-02
  • IEC
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In recognition of the need to facilitate international trade in electrical equipment, primarily intended for use in homes, offices, workshops, healthcare facilities and similar locations, for benefit of consumers, industries, authorities etc, and to provide convenience for manufacturers and other users of the services provided by various National Certification Bodies (NCBs), an international Scheme is operated by the IECEE (IEC System for Conformity testing and Certification of Electrotechnical Equipment and Components), known as the CB Scheme.

The Scheme is based on the principle of mutual recognition (reciprocal acceptance) by its members of test results for obtaining certification or approval at national level.

The Scheme is intended to reduce obstacles to international trade which arise from having to meet different national certification or approval criteria. Participation of the various NCBs within the Scheme is intended to facilitate certification or approval according to IEC standards.

Where national standards are not yet completely based on IEC standards, declared national differences will be taken into account; however, successful operation of the Scheme presupposes that national standards are reasonably harmonized with the corresponding IEC standards.

Use of the Scheme to its fullest extent will promote the exchange of information necessary in assisting manufacturers around the world to obtain certification or approval at national level.

The operating units of the Scheme are the NCBs accepted according to these Rules. Those NCBs employ testing laboratories also accepted according to the Rules, known as CB Testing Laboratories (CBTLs). A list of NCBs is published in the CB Bulletin.

The CB Scheme is based on the use of CB Test Certificates which provide evidence that representative specimens of the product have successfully passed tests to show compliance with the requirements of the relevant IEC standard.

A supplementary report providing evidence of compliance with declared national differences in order to obtain national certification or approval may also be attached to the CB Test Report.

The first step for an NCB, intending to operate in the CB Scheme, is to be accepted as a Recognizing NCB. Such an NCB is prepared to recognize CB Test Certificates as a basis for certification or approval at national level for one or more categories of products.

The second step for an NCB, which can be taken at the same time as the first step, is to be accepted as an Issuing and Recognizing NCB. Such an NCB is entitled to issue CB Test Certificates for the categories of equipment for which it recognizes CB Test Certificates. It should, however, be noted that an NCB may recognize CB Test Certificates for more categories of equipment than for which it is entitled to issue CB Test Certificates.

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