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Australia Safety Certification - SAI Certification

Australia Safety Certification - SAI Certification

Australia Safety Certification - SAI Certification

1. Overview

Products to enter Australia must comply with the SAI the original SAA standards, the current product safety certification of Australia does not have a unified certification mark and the only certification body. So Australia''''''''''''''''s product safety certification is still collectively referred to as SAI SAA certified that "the adoption of SAI SAA standards for certification."

It is worth noting that, although some products have been certified the quality of other countries, such as the United States UL certification, CE certification in Europe, but before entering Australia, SAI certification to be done. At present, only New Zealand-free testing of products.

2. Certification Body

SAI Global Australia by the original institution of the highest standard-setting organizations SAI independence, the scope of its certification, including product certification, system certification and training. The agency''''''''''''''''s "standard of identity" in the worldwide industrial and consumer markets have been recognized.

3. Certification scope

1 System Certification Currently in China to apply for certification to the Australian limited to product certification, so this part is omitted

2 Product Certification

Standards Mark Certification

Include: health and safety areas, pot mixture, drainage water supply areas, septic certification, construction and engineering, construction and automotive industry supplies, safety glass cutting and the subsequent lines, electrical technology.

Gas Safety Certification

Including: A type of gas appliance up to 500 MJ / h, commercial catering equipment, industrial equipment usually reached but not exceeding 500 MJ / h, camping and recreational equipment and parts.

Water Mark Safety Certification

Product range: water main engineering products.

Code Mark Safety Certification

Product coverage: building products.

Electrical safety certification

Product coverage: electrical products and equipment.

4. Certification mark

Specific logo shown below:

Standard Mark Gas Safety Water Mark Code Mark Electrical safety


Standard marker Gas Water MarkCode Mark certification of electrical safety form

At present, Chinese enterprises are the most common applications for the following two logos:

1 Electrical safety certification type Type Examination Certification, to product design with the standard test, but not for enterprise quality management assessment.

2 Standards Mark products in addition to compliance testing standards, but also for enterprise quality management system in accordance with ISO 9000 certificate for pre-Pre-licence the first assessment and maintenance of the annual certification factory inspection.

5. The mode of application

There are two main:

1 CB through the IEC into SAI certification report

2 Directly to the detection of certification bodies in Australia to apply.

The former need to verify the samples tested and added some of the difference test, which if all the testing for the higher cost.

Product-specific cer

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