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VDE mark introduction

VDE mark introduction

VDE Testing and Certification Institute(VDE)

The name of the national accrediting body:VDE-PRUFSTELLE TESTING AND CERTIFICATION INSTITUTE.

VDE is the German testing agencies, participation of the German national standard-setting.

Most people stay on the VDE of certification in the electrical components, in fact, VDE Testing In addition to traditional electrical components, wire and cable, plug, such as authentication can also be issued outside of the same symbol EMC and VDE-GS mark.

VDE Mark for appliances as technical equipment according to the Appliance Safety Law GSG, for Medical Device Law MPG, components and installation materials.
The VDE Mark indicates conformity with the VDE standards or European or internationally harmonized standards resp. and confirms compliance with protective requirements of the applicable EC Directives. The VDE Mark is a symbol for electrical, mechanical, thermal, toxic, radiological and other hazards.
For appliances as technical equipment according to the GSG.
For ready-to-use equipment, the licence holder may chose to affix the VDE Mark or the VDE GS Mark.
For products certified on the basis of harmonized certification agreements.
Testing is based on harmonized European standards listed in the ENEC Agreement. Products at present luminaires and related components, energy saving lamps, IT equipment, transformers, switches for appliances, electrical controls, certain types of capacitors and EMI suppression components tested to tested to the listed standards may be marked with the ENEC Mark of the VDE. The approval of any other body participating in the ENEC Agreement is not required.
For appliances in compliance with standards for electromagnetic compatibility.
The VDE EMC Mark expresses the conformity of a product with applicable standards for electromagnetic compatibility. The reliable function of the product in its electromagnetic environment is also included. The requirements for granting this mark comprise automatically and without restriction the compliance with applicable standards.
For cables, insulated cords, installation conduits and ducts, the VDE Cable Mark is applicable.
For cables and cords, the VDE Identification Thread may be used.
The VDE HARmonization Marking or VDE HARmonization Thread resp. for cables and insulated cords according to harmonized certification procedures.
Testing is based on the Harmonization Documents HD listed in the HAR Agreement. Products harmonized power cables tested and found in compliance with with the requirements of the mentioned standards may be marked with the VDE HARmonization Marking. Further information is available from the Laboratory for Cables and Cords, Materials and Special Tests.

The VDE Component Mark may be used for electronic components.
The CECC Mark for electronic components according to CECC Specifications.
For electronic components according to CECC Specifications CECC: CENELEC Electronic Components Committee the CECC Mark may be used.
VDE-Reg.-Nr. VDE Certificate of Conformity in conjunction with factory surveillance

This mark is used in two cases: firstly, for products in compliance with applicable clauses of VDE standards in the absence of a fully applicable VDE standard, and secondly, if a product, e.g. a sub-assembly, requires the fulfillment of additional conditions when incorporated into complete equipment. For cables and insulated cords, the VDE-Reg.-Nr. or the relevant mark resp. is applicable in absence of special regulations for products which were tested on the basis other standards. Special constructions and all variations of non-harmonized cables and insulated cords belong to this category of products.
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