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EU toy safety directive 2009/48/EC

EU toy safety directive 2009/48/EC

The European Commission welcomes the adoption by the European Parliament of its proposal to substantially strengthen EU-rules on toy safety. It gives consumers assurance that toys sold in the EU fulfil the highest safety requirements world-wide, especially those relating to the use of chemical substances.

Children’s health and safety is precious and demands the highest possible protection. I am very pleased that the EU has been able to agree within record time on these robust and far reaching rules for safe toys. The new rules incorporate the newest health and safety standards. What legislators can do for children to be safe when playing with toys has been done.

The new legal framework addresses a wide range of issues to ensure that toys do not present any health hazards or risk of injury. It improves the existing rules for the marketing of toys that are produced in and imported into the EU in view to reducing toy related accidents and to achieving long-term health benefits.
New chemical requirements

Chemicals that are susceptible to provoke cancer, change genetic information or harm reproduction, so-called CMR Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or toxic for Reproduction substances are no longer allowed in accessible parts of toys. For certain substances like nickel the tolerable limit values have been reduced and those heavy metals which are particularly toxic, like lead or mercury, may no longer be intentionally used in toys. Allergenic fragrances are either completely forbidden, if they have a strong allergenic potential, or have to be labelled on the toy if they are potentially allergenic for some consumers.

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