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UN38.3 Li-ion battery test items

UN38.3 Li-ion battery test items

UN38.3 Li-ion battery test items UNDOT Certificate

Pre-conditions for test
one-time or 50 times the charge-discharge cycle

Li-ion battery in the following eight tests, the need for a certain degree of charge-discharge test, in order to meet the test battery status:

Group A of cells on a single charge-discharge cycle test time 4 ~ 6h

Group B cells to 50 times the charge-discharge cycle test time 8 ~ 10 days

T.1 Altitude simulation

Be stored at a pressure of 11.6kPa or less for at least six hours at ambient temperature 20±5℃

T.2 Thermal test

Be stored for at least six hours at 75±2℃, followed by storage for at least six hours at -40±2℃. The maximum time interval between test temperature extremes is 30 minutes. This procedure is to be repeated 10 times. Then all test batteries are to be stored for 24 hours at 20±5℃. The total test time is at least a week.

T.3 Vibration

The vibration shall be a sinusoidal waveform with a logarithmic sweep between 7Hz and 200Hz and back to 7Hz traversed in 15 minutes. This cycle shall be repeated 12 times for a total of 3 hours for each of three mutually perpendicular mounting positions of the cell

T.4 Shock

Each cell or battery shall be subjected to a half-sine shock of peak acceleration of 150gn and pulse duration of 6ms or peak acceleration of 50gn and pulse duration of 11ms

T.5 External short circuit

The cell or battery shall be subjected to a short circuit condition with a total external resistance of less than 0.1 ohm at 55±2℃. This short circuit condition is continued for at least one hour after the cell or battery external case temperature has returned to 55±2℃. Then it be observed for a further six hours.

T.6 Impact

A 15.8mm diameter bar is to be placed across the center of the sample. A 9.1kg mass is to be dropped from a height of 61±2.5cm onto the sample. Cells should be observed for six hours.

T.7 Overcharge

The charge current shall be twice the manufacturer’s recommended maximum continuous charge current. The minimum voltage of the test shall be two times the maximum charge voltage. Batteries should be observed for seven days

T.8 Forced discharge

Each cell shall be forced discharged at ambient temperature by connecting it in series with a 12V D.C. power supply at an initial current equal to the maximum discharge current specified by the manufacturer. Cells should be observed for seven days.

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