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GPTEK provided TOYs Tests and Certificate

GPTEK provided TOYs Tests and Certificate


GPTEK, as an accredited and professional testing and certification organization in toys , gifts, stationery and other children products in testing area, we have first –class testing equipments, strong technical background, professional engineering teams.

We offer One-Stop Service for mentioned products with competitive market price and faster lead time.

  -  Fast-speed testing lead time: 8-12 working days

  -  Door to door service for our customer to let them feel friendly and establish long term business relationship

  -  Strong professional engineering teams with abundant testing experiences

  -  Professional and case by case modification suggestion service to applicants
Different countries have different requirement for toys in worldwide

EU Directives for toys:

Toys must comply with the following directive if sold in EU market:
Safety Directive 88/378/EEC

General Requirements :EN71

EN71 Part 1 Mechanical and physical properties

EN71 Part 2 Flammability test

EN71 Part 3 8 toxic metallic element test

EN71 Part 4 Chemical test

EN71 Part 5 Non-chemical test

EN71 Part 6 The graphic warning label symbols of age group

EN71 Part 7 Finger paints

EN71 Part 9 General requirements for organic compounds

EN71 Part 10 Sample preparation and extraction

EN71 Part 11 Analysis of organic compounds

Supplementary standards for battery-operated toys: EN62115

This standard applies to all electrical toys and is also applicable to electric construction sets, electric functional toys, and experimental sets.

EN 62115/EN 62115 main testing parts includes:

- marking and instructions,

- input power, heating and

- abnormal operation,

- electrical strength,

- mechanical strength,

- construction,

- cable,

- screw

- components,

- creepage distance

- clearance,

- fire prevention,

- heat resistance,

- toxic and other hazards.

EMC Directive 2004/108/EEC

The other directive for toys which includes EMC Directive,

For battery-operation toys also require the following directive:

Electromagnetic Interference EMI: EN55022, EN55014-1, EN61000-3-2 / 3

Electromagnetic Susceptibility EMS: EN55014-2

Wireless and telecommunications terminal equipment, R & TTE Directive

For wireless remote control toys, e.g. remote control cars, model ships, etc., also require to fulfill R & TTE, EMC and Safety directive.

Cadmium test and AZO test

U.S. toy test standards:

Toy Safety ASTM F963

Physical and mechanical properties

-  Fire resistance Test

-  Heavy metal elements test testing for the total amount of eight toxic elements and lead

Battery-operated Toy Safety: ASTM F963 + B / 0 test

FCC Certification for Battery-operated Toy

FCC Certification for Wireless remote control toy

Chinese toy standards:

Toy safety requirements: GB6675/GB19865

The safety and quality of plush toys and cloth toys :GB9832

Toys marking and instructions GB5296.5

Australia and New Zealand Toy Standard:AS / NZS ISO8124

Canadian toy standards:Canada Hazardous Products toys Regulation

In the other side: Toys, c

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