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India Mandatory Registration Scheme for 30 Electronic and Consumer Products

India Mandatory Registration Scheme for 30 Electronic and Consumer Products

Under the "Electronics and Information Technology Goods Order, 2012" issued by the Indian Department of Electronics and Information Technology DEIT, expanded in November 2014, 30 electronic and consumer products are required to comply with the applicable Indian safety standards and mandatory registration before they are imported to, distributed, or sold in India.

Registration Requirements and Declaration

Necessary steps & documents to be submitted at the time of application for registration include:

1 Self-evaluation and declaration.

2 Upload registration documents in Online BIS portal and

3 Submit hardcopy of registration documents and test report from BIS recognized laboratories along with the BIS registration fees.

In addition, overseas applicants shall either establish a liaison/ branch office in India or nominate someone as their authorized Indian Local Representative.

The validity of a registration is 1 year which can be renewed for minimum 1 year or maximum 3 years depending on decision of the Bureau based on registered user’s performance.

Market surveillance will be conducted at least once in the valid period by BIS authorized agencies.

Testing of surveillance samples should be done at the BIS recognized laboratories.

Standard No.



IS 13252:2010


Information Technology Equipment Safety: General Requirements


Mobile Phones

Monitor min. 32”

Cash Registers


Point of Sale Terminals


Copying Machines / Duplicators

Wireless Keyboard

Smart Card Readers

Telephone Answering

MachineMail Processing Machines /

Set Top Box

Postage / Franking machines

Automatic Data Processing Machine

Passport Reader

Power Adaptors for IT equipment

Power Banks for use in portable applications

IS 616:2010/

IEC 60065:2005

Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Apparatus Safety Requirements

Plasma/LCD/LED TV min. 32”

Optical Disc Player w/ Amplifiermin. 200W

Amplifier min. 2000W

Electronic Music System min. 200W

Electronic Game Video

Power Adaptors for Audio, Video & Similar Electronic Apparatus

IS 302-2-25:1994/

IEC 60335- 25:2010

Safety of Household & Similar Microwave Ovens Electrical Appliances: Part2 Particular Requirements: Section 25 Microwave Ovens

IS 16046 : 2012/

IEC 62133:2002

Secondary Cells and Batteries containing Alkaline or other non-acid Electrolytes – Safety Requirements for Portable sealed secondary cells, and for Batteries made from them, for use in portable applications

Secondary Cells / Batteries / containing Alkaline or

other non-acid Electrolytes for use in portable applications

IS 15885 Part2/ Sec 13: 2012/

IEC 61347-2-13,
Ed 1 2006-05

Safety of Lamp Controlgear Part 2 Particular Requirements Section 13 d.c. Supplied Electronic Controlgear for LED Modules D.C. or A.C. Supplied lectronic Controlgear for LED Modules

IS 16102 Part 1 : 2012/

IEC 62560:2011

Self-Ballasted LED Lamps for General Lighting Services Part 1 Safety Requirements Self-Ballasted LED Lamps for General Lighting Services

IS 10322 Part 5/ Sec 1: 2012/

IEC 60598-2-1: 1979 + A1 1987

Luminaires Part 5 Particular Requirements Sec 1 Fixed General purpose luminaires Fixed General Purpose LED Luminaires

IS 16242 Part 1: 2014/

IEC 62040-1:2008

General and Safety Requirements for UPS UPS/ Invertors of rating 5kVA
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