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SASO Certification Introduction

SASO Certification Introduction

  • 2013-09-16
  • SASO
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SASO is short for Saudi Arabian Standards Organization, namely Saudi Arabia standards organization.

SASO is responsible for preparing national standards for commodities and products, and standards also include the measurement system, identification and others.

In fact, most of SASO standards are established based on safety standards of some relevant international organizations, such as International Electrotechnical Commission IEC.

Like many other countries, Saudi Arabia also adds some unique items in standards according to its own civil and industrial voltages, geography and climate, ethnic religious habits and others.

In order to achieve the purpose of consumer protection, SASO standard applies to not only imported products, but also local products in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabian Ministry of Commerce and Industry and SASO require that all products certified by SASO must provide the SASO certificate to pass Saudi Customs. Saudi Customs will refuse all products without SASO certificates.

In August, 2004, in order to enter into WTO and fulfill related regulations of WTO agreement, in accordance with No. 213 Resolution of Saudi Arabia Council of Ministers, ICPP which was carried out since 1995 was forbidden.

Meanwhile, in accordance with No. 6386 Resolution of Saudi Arabia MOCI, a new scheme of product conformity assessment--Conformity Certification Program, CoCP was approved and took place of ICPP.

The new scheme is aimed to safeguard national security of Saudi Arabia, ensure consumers'safety and health, preserve Islamic religion and morality, protect environment and prevent trade fraud so as to facilitate trade coordination between exporters and importers, guarantee the smooth import procedures and reduce risks for importers caused by products’ incompliance with regulations.

SASO Saudi Arabian Standards Organization made the Conformity Certification Program CoCP take effect in April, 2010. All products exported to KSA within the scope of CoCP shall also comply with mandatory energy efficiency standards.

NEW! Saudi Arabia shall enforce energy efficiency labeling requirements.

Characteristics of CoCPConformity Certification Program

•The management and utive department of CoCP is MoCI SASO, the former regulator of ICCP now is only responsible for the establishment and revision of product technical standards.

•All consumer products including Saudi Arabia’s domestic products are in the regulatory sphere of CoCP.

•Product classification standard has introduced HS-Codes established by Customs Co-operation Council. The former CVG classification standard shall no longer be used.


Main Contents of CoCP

•Products in the category of CoCP must declare their conformity with related Saudi Arabian technical regulationsmandatory standards and other international standards recognized by Saudi Arabia

•Apart from products regulated by SPS and other exemption products, each batch of products exporting to Sa

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