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Notification for UL Annual fee and FUS in 2015

Notification for UL Annual fee and FUS in 2015

  • 2015-01-19
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Notification for UL Annual fee and FUS in 2015

The detail mail as below :


Dear UL Customer:

UL will be making s to the structure of its Follow Up Services FUS program.

The changes will make FUS easier to understand, give clients more planning predictability, and continue to position UL’s services as competitive and value-added.

The s take effect January 1, 2015, and are part of our ongoing efforts to enhance how we work with you.

The first change will streamline UL’s Annual Fee AF:

• In 2015, the AF will no longer be based on the number of files. Instead, it will be simplified to an annualized, flat rate pricing for each applicant/manufacturer combination.

The second change addresses the rising costs of doing business in a diverse global marketplace.

It also emphasizes our vision of delivering a customized, local-market experience, which is why we structure our FUS program accordingly.

On average, price increases to the services listed below have been determined based on local market inflation, our drive to continually streamline our business and other relevant industry factors.

Factory Inspection – Field representative visits to a customer’s manufacturing facility to ensure UL certified products continue to meet applicable requirements.

Labeling – Application of a UL Mark to a product.

Sample Testing – Component or end product samples tested on a periodic basis, as part of our surveillance program.

Multiple Listing and Alternate Listing – Products certified for one company are produced for marketing under the name of another company.

We have sent multiple listing and alternate listing customers information under separate email cover and list on the website.


UL will be migrating existing 2014 Purchase Order PO numbers to the 2015 contract. If you plan to your PO for the coming year, please provide details in writing to

For assistance preparing POs, please contact your UL sales representative.

We will continue to keep you informed of efforts to evolve our organization, address changing market conditions, and ultimately, better meet your needs.

We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing UL.

Best regards,

David Kuehn

Vice President, Global Sales



If you have any question about UL certificate, please contact our workmate:

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