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The latest recruit

1, Marketing Project Manager

Work in:Guangzhou, China
Number of recruits:2 Education:College or above
Work Experience: More than 1 year Salary: basic salary + commission + benefits + bonus
Language:English Resume Language: Chinese or English
Job description :

1, Engaged in the certification business for more than one year experience, with CE, FCC, UL and other international certification

2, Familiar with the type of information (IT) black appliances (AV) white goods (appliances) Certification

3, Familiar with safety regulations or operational EMC.

4, Have a good foundation in English, the image of good.

2, Sales (Telephone marketers)

Work in:Guangzhou, China
Number of recruits:10 Education:High school or above
Work Experience: More than 1 year Salary: basic salary + commission + benefits
Language:English Resume Language: Chinese or English
Job description: .

1, High school education or above, 20-30 years of age, sound sweet, good at verbal communication.

2, There are more than one year experience in telephone marketing.

3, With CE FCC certification, the market for more than one year experience with the priority sectors.

Resume Submit :

Please Read the "updated recruitment" ,If you Eligible, Please send your resume to

E-mail Address

Business Partner:

1, Object: A unit of business entities and individuals related to part-time industry background.

2, Means: the above-mentioned organizations and the unit of society, if clients CE certification, FCC certified, CB certificate, UL certification, GS certification, C-Tick certification, 3C certification, FDA certification necessary, directly to their company the name of my company registered for follow-up applications.

3, Process: the partners directly to their customers with the name of the company for the relevant power of attorney, and other applications.

>> Related further information, please call the Advisory

Hotline:+86-20-8165 6695

Fax :+ 86-20-8165 9395


Salary System:

>> Salary System

1, Target:to create a staff some of the work speaks for the environment, more relaxed working atmosphere.

2, Objective: the real income of employees to accurately reflect the work of the staff capacity, performance, reflect the staff's personal values in the company; at the same time to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, initiative and creativity.

>> The establishment of the principle of salary system
  • Reflect the staff's personal abilities and job requirements.
  • Accurately reflect the performance of their staff and work performance.
  • From the staff point of view, as far as possible to increase the income of staff, for staff to provide useful protection.
  • Employees with the company to achieve the common objective of wealth.
  • More pay for more work, Rewarding outstanding.
>> The composition of the salary system

Agree on the salary (basic salary and performance pay) +

all kinds of subsidies +insurance +

bonus (year-end bonuses, prize money market development, sales commission) + shares dividends


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