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GPtek Testing Lab. Profile

Great Partner Consulting Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., is a professional certification testing Lab about EMC, RF, SAFETY and RoHS Testing for products, running strictly under ISO/IEC 17025 Guide 25 and EN 45001.

After several years development, gptek gets our independent standardized laboratory recognized by the authoritative certification institution of TUV Rhineland Timco Engineering and UL etc.

The founding of gptek Testing Lab. is to apply professional product EMC, RF, SAFETY and RoHS testing and certification service for product quality meeting the standard's requirements.

Measure the range of product including information technology, electrical family appliances, the Luminaires, Electric tools, the A/V appliances, Industry, Science, Medical appliances, the car electron, the wireless products,etc..

Our company and world have good business cooperation relations to authorize the organization such as UL, CSA, TUV, Nemko, EMCC, SGS etc.

Our company has offered high-standard, high-efficiency detection service for customer in line with the principle of " sincerity, science, objective, just " since established. In order to help the customer to reduce the risk to carry on the assessment and examine to the products as the goal, then provide the suggestion of seeking truth from facts.

We have a group of experienced detection engineers and specialized sales teams, can offer "a station type" servies, such as applying, standard consultation, product test, technical support, countermeasure of rectification and improvement and authorizing,etc. It is most thoughtful to offer for the fact that your products will enter the market, find a good sale in all parts of the world, the most convenient service.

Chosen the advantage of gptek

Sincerity------The honesty is a foundation, prestige is the highest! Rigorously enforce the business secret of the conservative customer, no matter technical data, the properties of product, test report, the customer's business activity, gptek will all be kept secret strictly.

Justness------as the third organization. Test according to the country or international standard strictly.

exactness------According to world or national standard, adopts the advanced instrument, there are complete calibration management systems, , than to the system, the exactness guaranteeing to test in the laboratory.

efficiency-----Arrange to test time rationally, the overall arrangement tests the plan, endeavour to shorten and test time and authorize cycle, regard customer as the centre, offer authentication fast.


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